Best Places To Meet Girls & Women In Cartagena

Looking to meet a beautiful girl in Cartagena, we have compiled a list of top spots in Cartagena to help you find and meet local singles.

As you arrive in Cartagena, the city extends a warm embrace, inviting you into its charming embrace. The vibrant colors of colonial architecture and the rhythmic beats of salsa music set the stage for a captivating adventure. Get ready to soak in the cultural richness and Southern hospitality that define Cartagena.

Cartagena’s Women & Girls Are Beautiful

Cartagena’s women and girls radiate a natural beauty that seems to glow under the Caribbean sun. Their sun-kissed skin and vibrant smiles mirror the warmth of the city.

Beyond the exterior beauty lies the emotional depth that defines Cartagena’s women. Rooted in the heart of Southern hospitality, they welcome others with open hearts, making every interaction a heartfelt experience. Characterized by strength and resilience, Cartagena’s women navigate life with a grace that reflects the city’s spirit. Their ability to overcome challenges with a smile adds a special charm to the local character.

Cartagena Single Women
Cartagena Girls
Cartagena Women

In Cartagena, cordiality and respect define the treatment of men. Expect friendly interactions and a genuine warmth that makes connecting with the local women an inviting experience.

Understanding Dating Scene

Explore the local dating customs in Cartagena, where romance is infused with a Caribbean flair. Discover picturesque locations, from the historic Old Town to the dreamy beaches, perfect for creating meaningful connections.

Online Dating

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Where To Meet Single Women

Discovering the vibrant social scene in Cartagena is a thrilling adventure, filled with opportunities to meet single women and girls. Here are some hotspots to explore:

Bars To Meet Beautiful Girls

Alquimico – Cocktail Lab

Located in the heart of the Walled City, Alquimico is a trendy cocktail bar known for its creative concoctions. The lively atmosphere makes it a fantastic place to strike up conversations with locals and fellow travelers.

Address: Calle del Colegio #34-24, Cartagena, Colombia


Embrace the bohemian charm of Getsemani at Demente. This eclectic bar draws a diverse crowd, making it an ideal spot to mingle, enjoy live music, and savor a laid-back evening.

Address: Calle del Arsenal #10-19, Cartagena, Colombia

Nightclubs To Find Local Women

Bazurto Social Club

Bazurto Social Club offers an immersive experience into Caribbean beats and rhythms. Dance enthusiasts and music lovers gather here, creating a dynamic environment perfect for meeting new people.

Address: Calle del Quero #9-58, Cartagena, Colombia

Cafe Havana

Step into the world of salsa at Cafe Havana. This iconic nightclub pulses with energy, providing an authentic Latin dance experience. It’s a fantastic place to let loose, enjoy great music, and connect with dance partners.

Address: Calle Media Luna #10-09, Cartagena, Colombia


Bodytech – Bocagrande:

Joining a gym is not just about fitness but also an opportunity to connect. Bodytech in Bocagrande offers modern facilities, attracting health-conscious individuals and providing a chance to strike up conversations.

Address: Carrera 3 # 7-171, Cartagena, Colombia

Smart Fit – Centro Comercial La Plazuela:

Smart Fit, located in Centro Comercial La Plazuela, offers an inviting space for fitness enthusiasts. Engage in workouts and potentially make new connections in this dynamic environment.

Address: Centro Comercial La Plazuela, Cartagena, Colombia

Shopping Malls

Mall Plaza El Castillo

Mall Plaza El Castillo is a popular shopping destination where you can not only indulge in retail therapy but also explore social spaces like cafes and lounges, providing opportunities for casual encounters.

Address: Calle 29D # 22-108, Cartagena, Colombia

Caribe Plaza

Caribe Plaza combines shopping with a Caribbean flair. Explore the mall, visit its cafes, and enjoy a relaxed ambiance that encourages social interactions.

Address: Carrera 1 #12-118, Cartagena, Colombia


Parque del Centenario

Parque del Centenario, with its lush greenery, provides a serene setting for relaxation. Join locals for a leisurely stroll or engage in conversations in this charming urban oasis.

Address: Carrera 7 # 36-38, Cartagena, Colombia

Parque Espiritu del Manglar

Parque Espiritu del Manglar offers a unique blend of mangrove ecosystems and social spaces. Enjoy the beauty of nature while creating connections in this tranquil park.

Address: Manga, Cartagena, Colombia

Explore these vibrant locations in Cartagena, where the city’s pulse aligns with the beats of social encounters, providing ample opportunities to meet single women and girls.

VenueTypeOpening Hours
Alquimico – Cocktail LabBarMon-Sun: 6 PM – 3 AM
DementeBarMon-Sun: 6 PM – 2 AM
Bazurto Social ClubNightclubThu-Sat: 10 PM – 4 AM
Cafe HavanaNightclubThu-Sat: 8 PM – 3 AM
Bodytech – BocagrandeGymMon-Fri: 6 AM – 10 PM
Smart Fit – Centro Comercial La PlazuelaGymMon-Sat: 5 AM – 10 PM
Mall Plaza El CastilloShopping MallMon-Sun: 10 AM – 10 PM
Caribe PlazaShopping MallMon-Sun: 11 AM – 10 PM
Parque del CentenarioParkMon-Sun: 24 hours
Parque Espiritu del ManglarParkMon-Sun: 24 hours

Dress to Impress Local Women and Girls

Adopt stylish yet casual looks that resonate with Cartagena’s laid-back vibe. Choose the perfect outfit to complement the city’s charm and set the stage for a memorable Cartagena-style date.

Dating as a Tourist in Cartagena

For visitors seeking connections with locals, navigate the Cartagena dating scene while exploring the city as a tourist. Discover tips and insights for making meaningful connections during your Southern adventure.

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